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  • WAP the hell?

    It’s like they spilled the entire salt shaker into their sexpots.

  • Kicking the APD while it’s down

    Rayshard Brooks. The ritual of saying the names of victims of police violence is not exactly comforting, but it is necessary. This most recent incident in Atlanta happened less than 24 hours ago as I write this, and more details will likely emerge as the investigation continues. A fact we do know is that the […]


  • Clay County Blues

    An article from The Tennessean appeared on my news feed a few months back. It was an article about how Donald Trump has captured the imagination of a county neighboring the ones where I grew up in northern middle Tennessee. Clay County. Although named after statesman Henry Clay, it seems apt that the “people of […]

  • What a Real Conspiracy Looks Like

    I would like to describe an incident where the media, the American public, and the political establishment were in cahoots to tear down an American personality for no good reason. In 2004, Justin Timberlake exposed a great deal of Janet Jackson’s right breast during the Super Bowl halftime show. The fallout from the “wardrobe malfunction” […]

  • Why Rhythm Nation Should be the National Anthem… Seriously

    Each and every line is universal and speaks to the heart of what the United States of America has always, at least in principle, aspired to be… the message of the song is direct and speaks to things we can actually do after we leave the football game to show ourselves as good American citizens and world citizens.

  • PC: causes, symptoms, and treatments

    Donald Trump has a number of pet peeves, real or adopted, that he has articulated (using the term loosely here) during the current presidential campaign. One of them is political correctness, which is enjoying a revival as a discussion topic due to the Republican nominee’s focus (again, loose usage) on the issue. Since conservatives want […]

  • You Can’t Deport Me, I Quit

    I am too frightened to do the research on this, but apparently there is a hashtag movement afoot regarding the deportation of Muslims from the U.S. It may be an exaggerated threat or a couple of really loud jerks drumming up support, but I simply can’t do the necessary heartbreaking research. This is one of […]

  • First Thoughts on the Orlando Shootings

    Love yourself, and if you hate someone else, ask what about yourself you are not coming to terms with that’s causing you to direct it to that other person. It seems not right to post about anything except today’s deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. I usually offer a hearty Whatever to Gay Pride Month. […]

  • Atlanta is NOT full of people. It’s full of cars.

    There’s a funny meme making the rounds showing a fully jammed Atlanta Connector with the downtown skyline in the background. The meme reads, “STOP MOVING TO ATLANTA. WE FULL.” Any number of metro Atlanta residents have groaned in recognition and agreement. But it’s only half true. As the picture shows, the traffic here is awful […]

  • Stop in the Name of Love

    Robert Kelly is really not worth it. A series of recent R. Kelly articles and commentaries, reminding us that the R&B star has a sordid and heavily documented past, have littered my Facebook feed for the past several days, and I have to say stop. Let me begin by saying that I respect a principled […]