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  • My Fabric Softener Epiphany

    I was preparing to go to Kroger for some groceries and household items last week when I asked my partner if he had anything he needed me to pick up. I volunteered that I knew we were out of dryer sheets so I already had those on the list. “Well, then you can go ahead […]


  • Hapless New Year

    It’s a new dawn / It’s a new day / It’s a new life / For me / And I’m feeling good –Newley and Bricusse (I didn’t know that, either), popularized by Nina Simone   What happens when your New Year’s resolution ruminations backfire? In the process of assessing progress on your major life initiatives, […]

  • The Solitude of Clinton

    The flip side of my aversion to Trump and the way he blusters through life, seemingly without comprehension or consequence, is my identification with Hillary Clinton. It’s quite a neat flip side. Of all the outlandish political plot points that have littered fiction through the years, none seems as contrived and orchestrated as the Clinton […]

  • The Parade of Trumps

    I won’t try to convince you that this is not a political post. In some ways, it is. In fact, it’s a desperate political post. Not desperate in the sense that I’m beside myself with fear that The Donald will become The Commander in Chief. Desperate in the sense that I have found no way […]