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  • To Infinity. And Beyoncé.

    On the eve of the release of Beyonce Knowles’ seventh studio album Renaissance, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the deeply personal musical memories she’s supplied over the years. Great art and committed artists can make a difference in our lives, and Beyonce qualifies as such an artist for me. Just to […]


  • WAP the hell?

    It’s like they spilled the entire salt shaker into their sexpots.

  • We Are a Part of the Vindication

    I’m bursting with pride over the latest accolade granted to my honorary big sister. She has persevered and persisted, making music on her terms, from her unique perspective, with her unique voice. My belief in her has remained unfailing for 32 years, even in the face of naysayers and some plain old nasty people. I […]

  • Why Rhythm Nation Should be the National Anthem… Seriously

    Each and every line is universal and speaks to the heart of what the United States of America has always, at least in principle, aspired to be… the message of the song is direct and speaks to things we can actually do after we leave the football game to show ourselves as good American citizens and world citizens.

  • Stop in the Name of Love

    Robert Kelly is really not worth it. A series of recent R. Kelly articles and commentaries, reminding us that the R&B star has a sordid and heavily documented past, have littered my Facebook feed for the past several days, and I have to say stop. Let me begin by saying that I respect a principled […]

  • Let them eat the cake

    With much power comes much responsibility. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. And so on. There’s no shortage of aphorisms decrying the heavy burdens of those we deem fortunate. The apparent overcoverage afforded the wealthy, talented, and powerful has not deterred me from adding one more footnote to the frenzy. Though I’m a little late to the […]

  • …music: To Infinity and Beyonce

    I can never rid myself of the image of a young Beyonce clumsily executing herky-jerky choreography with Destny’s Child during the promotion of their first couple of albums. The girl had promise, but there was a raw energy there that was yet to be effectively harnassed. It’s hard to imagine today that Beyonce ever lacked […]

  • …music: Rein-hearted.

    I have resisted posting banal American Idol banter thus far, for fear of sullying the literary reputation I’m attempting to cultivate. But to hell with it. Haley’s worth it. I think this season’s third-place contestant deserves a bit of a tribute, with a little bit of a conspiracy theory thrown in. Haley Reinhart, for the […]

  • …music: If I Stole Your Line, Would You Hold it Against Me?

    A few months ago, in a blog incarnation far, far away, I penned one half of a point/counterpoint piece about whether contemporary popular art (as in film, TV, and music) is truly off-the-charts derivative nowadays.  I came down firmly on the side of no.  You’re welcome, Britney. I realize this is old news now, but […]

  • …music: California King-size effort

    YouTube – Rihanna – California King Bed – American Idol Live [HD]. One of my blog-mottos is that if I can dish it out, I should be willing to turn around and eat it.  I commented a couple of days ago in my review of “S&M” that Rihanna has struggled to duplicate her studio vocal […]