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  • Is this what passes for marriage in Georgia?

    I had an inadvertent, awkward milestone a couple of weeks ago. I turned in to my employer a completed one-page, company-composed Statement of Domestic Partnership. I provided some basic supporting documentation to that effect, had someone in the HR department notarize it, file it, and tell me cheerfully that I was all set. I then […]


  • I came home

    I came home to an empty house tonight.  Unexpectedly. It’s not a big deal, but as a Cancer (that’s always my excuse, even though I don’t really follow astrology) I like to plan and know things in advance.  If I had known I’d be alone, I would have planned a TV night, a cleaning night, […]

  • …relationships: Explanations Don’t Live Here Anymore

    “NEVER explain yourself to anyone. Because the people who love you don’t need it, and the people who dislike you won’t believe it.” —passed along to me by my high school friend Stephanie on Facebook I’ve emerged from two very damaging relationships over the past two years.  I say damaging because one took a chunk […]

  • …relationships: ripped jeans

    I’m wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans from an old boyfriend today. They weren’t ripped when he first handed them down. They were worn but still in good shape. He had outgrown them, but he felt they were just about right for me. They seemed to fit well, but soon a small hole appeared […]