Month: May 2020

  • Amy & Karen Redux

    I posted three days ago about some thoughts I had regarding the Amy Cooper (“Central Park Karen”) situation, and I’ve been beating myself up a lot about that post. A stern post that two people shared on my social media feed yesterday really brought home that awful feeling. The article was about how white people […]


  • False, false equivalencies

    False, false equivalencies

    Note: in researching the source of this meme, I found it on a Reddit thread dated nine months ago. However, I saw it for the first time today. I saw this image on my Facebook feed today, and was alarmed. For context: watching white people being racist in the various infuriating and tragic videos that […]

  • Navigating the Pandemic: I Feel Good, Is That Bad?

    When I was a child, I played a morbid psychological game with myself. To some degree I still play it. It’s a riff on the bargaining stage of grief while paying homage to a few foundational religious sentiments. In this game, I imagine that I have control over whether I am happy and am able […]

  • My Fabric Softener Epiphany

    I was preparing to go to Kroger for some groceries and household items last week when I asked my partner if he had anything he needed me to pick up. I volunteered that I knew we were out of dryer sheets so I already had those on the list. “Well, then you can go ahead […]