Voter ID

I want to share a story.

It’s not all that exciting, so settle back in from the edge of your seat.

Once there was a guy who was known for being smart and shy. He was guarded, meticulous, and careful in his actions and his speech.

Others saw him as aloof. In most public settings he seemed awkward at worst or a wallflower at best. Even some of his closest friends misconstrued his measured approach to just about everything in life. Some of the descriptions floated by him by the people who knew him the best could be seen as concerning: robotic, asexual, cold.

He was unfailingly nice and tolerant, and if you engaged him one-on-one you could see his personality bloom. So although the assessments of frigidity remained, he was liked by many who knew him.

Anyone reading this who knows me personally guessed within the first couple of sentences that I was talking about me.

So now ask me again why I support Hillary Clinton for president.


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