No Not New Year’s

I am trying really hard to start a series of new habits as the calendar turns over. Without jinxing it by hitching these habits to a resolution.

My efforts have been vague, generalized, not strict, and very forgiving.

I have taken to half-reading articles about how to make resolutions that stick. I half-read them all the way through. I made mental notes that I quickly file as “when I decide to make resolutions some year in the future.”

Fortunately, being honest with myself isn’t one of my vague non-resolutions.

I have shown poise and focus at work. I have spent quality time with my animals. I have cooked healthy meals. I am writing a blog post as I write this. Right this second, for God’s sake.

But it’s not a resolution. It’s focusing on the things that are important to me. It’s cutting through the clutter of being busy, distracted, and preoccupied with other stuff.

I hope I can stay unresolved as long as possible.


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