Blogger decides to blog–read all about it!

After a few years dabbling in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to take the plunge and devote some significant energy to that endeavor. For those dedicated followers I’ve picked up with my sporadic rants and ruminations, I hope this is exciting news.

Or mews.

Or music to your ears.

Or all three.

Going forward, I will not only become a regular blogger here at, but I will also be contributing to two other blog projects.

First, the good mews. After putting her paw down insistently, my cat custodian Midnight has coerced me into collaborating with her on Meow at Midnight, an advice column blog that she is spearheading. I figure it’s not such a bad idea… cats stridently believe that they know everything, so an advice column is pretty purr-fect as a format for disseminating their ideas. Yes, she gives advice to humans, cats, and other beings, all with equal panache and condescension. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Please see

Now the music to your ears. A goodly portion of the early posts to this blog were devoted to pop music criticism and commentary. I feel like that subject matter really deserves its own blog. Enter Good Music Notes.

A common theme and my general philosophy toward pop music is that it’s a good thing, simply because it exists as the product of wherever Western culture finds itself at the moment. Criticizing pop music is the artistic equivalent of killing the messenger. We should be happy that we have access to these viewpoints in such a convenient (and often catchy) format, even if we find ourselves at odds with them.

That’s why I decided to name my music blog Good Music Notes. The default setting of my criticism is positive. I don’t consider it a badge of sophistication or a tribute to my good taste to bash music. I endeavor to meet music where it is. I don’t criticize Two Chainz for not being Chuck D; I don’t dismiss Britney Spears for failing to live up to the standards of Barbra Streisand.

Don’t get me wrong–I can be as smarmy and smart-alecky as the next music critic, but that has way more to do with my sense of humor than any ill-will toward people who are trying to make a living by selling records and/or creating art. Please visit

Wish me luck, strength, and great time management skills as I bite off these huge chunks of bloggardness.


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