…music reviews: “Last Friday Night” Katy Perry

“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” Katy Perry (#4, Billboard Hot 100, Week of July 2, 2011)


It took five singles, but the Katy Perry I like is back. The “Firework” set has mostly fizzled in my eyes (while, it must be admitted, it has burned up the charts), as Katy has drifted squarely into standard-issue pop diva territory. When I heard the crunchy guitars and goofy, chatty lyrics of this record, it was like an old friend.

I think Katy is best when she’s a little edgy, a little alternative, but with enough pop flourishes to ensure those airplay numbers. For the first time in five tries, she nails it here.

The lyrics are a dutiful, hazy retelling of a debauched night. There’s no apology, no disclaimer, and that attitude is what firmly casts this on the rock ‘n roll side of the pop/rock equation. Capturing the not-so-guilty pleasure of a messy night on the town as a snapshot in time, the song nails its mission.

You want an apology for bad behavior? Write your own damn song.


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