…music reviews: “Roll Up” Wiz Khalifa

“Roll Up” Wiz Khalifa (#17 Billboard Hot 100, Week of May 28, 2011)

Much like Ke$ha, Wiz Khalifa sauntered onto the scene with a funky name, a casual attitude, and a power hit that most probably thought would never be followed by an actual career.

Yet again, most (of which I am one) were wrong. OK, the third hit is a little premature to hand Wiz a career, but at least he’s escaped one-hit wonder status. “Roll Up” is a catchy, bright, baseball-game type of hip-hop record that recalls Chingy (or maybe Nelly) with its chanty verses and soothingly repetitive chorus.

Never mind that the song is about cheating with another guy’s girl. With Wiz’s dismissive attitude, it’s hard to even imagine the other dude getting too upset with him. The matter-of-fact delivery is both slightly humorous and disingenuous, since it almost serves to make the lyrics irrelevant.

With no pesky lyrics to contend with, what’s left is a song to nod and cruise to, as cool and easy as the breeze rushing past your head as you drive around with the top down.


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