…self promotion: Google me, baby (and Facebook and Twitter…)

I swore on my regular Facebook page that I wouldn’t spam all my high school chums with daily reminders to check out my page.  What sucks is that they’re the only captive audience that I can use to promote ememon.com.

Nevertheless, I intend to live up to my promise.  This means I must resort to other methods.

Which brings me to my current unsubtle appeal.  If you’ve navigated to this page and like what you see, spread the word and support my efforts.  You have several options (just like on PBS fundraisers, except these are all free!)

Option one: subscribe to this blog.  This allows me to see who you are (usually a good thing) and support your efforts in turn.

Option two: share a favorite entry to Facebook.  This way you can spam your friends instead me having to spam mine. (Disclaimer to Facebook: this reference to spam on your glorious site is purely in jest.  All of my posts should be regarded as verbal manna for the hungry soul.  These valuable nuggets of wisdom would be welcome on any Facebooker’s page, or at least as welcome as knowing that your third grade teacher’s sister just checked in at McDonald’s.)

Option three: share on Twitter.  This is much less spammy because of the more frenetic pace.

Option four: become my fan or my follower (or both).  My fan page on Facebook is soon to reach its (lower) limit, so get on while there’s still room. I also have a Twitter account, and once I get 100 followers I’ll start posting exclusive commentweets on a regular basis. (fan page: Micah “ememon.com”; Twitter account ememondotcom)

Option five: comment on my posts.  This gives the impression that my page is stimulating and interactive, thus drawing others into the discussion.  It also gives me feedback I can use in future posts.

Option six: email me.  I have an email account dedicated to this site, so I swear you won’t get lost in between my bank statement notification and the 50% off deal for toejam removal.  I take requests and suggestions.  I can even fulfill requests for singing and dancing via my iPhone video camera.  But remember, you asked for it.  (email: micah1814@gmail.com)

Got it?  Good. I’m looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. eMeM out.


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