…music reviews: “Down on Me” Jeremih featuring 50 Cent

“Down on Me” Jeremih featuring 50 Cent (#6 Hot 100, Week of April 23, 2011)

So, OK, this is a very listenable track.  It’s been sonically padded with a number of features:

1. A hyperactive beat and rapid vocal phrasing that maintains a high level of energy.

2. A lush synth drone.

3. Auto-Tune and extensive echo vocal effects.

4. Frequent sound effects to keep things interesting.

The bad news is that every extra cent (50?) of studio time and production wizardry is needed to make up for the fact that both the singer and rapper are underwhelming vocalists, emoting flatly about picking up a girl at a club.

And, let’s face it, arranging a song as a four-minute breakdown is kinda cheating.  It’s all payoff and no build-up.

I tolerated “Birthday Sex” because of the interesting song title and the two memorable hooks.  That Jeremih managed to land another big hit is great for him, but maybe not so much for contemporary pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

But it’s listenable.  Did I mention that?  There’s always room in the world for listenable.


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